Eric and his able staff are wonderful, prompt, courteous, and fiscally-competitive folks in the private process service industry.
Susan Leslie-Fraser, Attorney
Warrenton, VA

Wow! That was so fast! I can hardly believe it! I will absolutely call you for help if I ever have to serve [my child’s father] again. What a blessing you are! Thank you, thank you!    (She did call again, nearly a year later.)
JW, Self-represented
Portland, OR

My firm has used Cavalier on numerous occasions to serve subpoenas, file documents, and courier documents between other law firms. They have never missed a deadline and have proved that they can capably handle all our needs.
Mackenzi Siebert, Criminal Paralegal
Leesburg, VA

Can you move to Florida? I need a process server like you down here. Great job. Thank you.
Christine Parrott, Litigation Paralegal
Boca Raton, FL

You guys are serving/courier gods!
Christin Georgelas, Attorney
Leesburg, VA

I wanted to share with everyone just how dedicated and fantastic Eric Turnbaugh is. We had a unique case with very difficult service and Eric personally went above and beyond.

Our firm, located in Charleston, SC, needed to serve an individual in [New Jersey] with multiple sets of pleadings, because the person was being served in several different capacities regarding to a number of different businesses, most of which were located in South Carolina, and he was EVADING SERVICE. We had attempted service multiple times in South Carolina and via mail, etc. to no avail. I initially contacted a different process server with the task. I followed up several times via email and phone calls to see if they were able to serve the individual. After two weeks, I get a reply saying, and I quote: “um, we haven’t made service and we have lost the documents that we were supposed to serve.”

I had previously used Cavalier Courier & Process Service for service on individuals in Virginia and I was very happy with the service. I did not know if they could provide service outside of the state but I thought I would give Eric a call. When I called Cavalier Courier & Process Service and spoke to Eric he told me that even though the service was for New Jersey he was definitely up for the task. Eric initially sent a process server located closer to the NJ address that we had. Eric kept in touch with me daily. After a few attempts and no success, Eric called and we went over all of the details, locations and phone numbers that we had for the individual. After a few more attempts, Eric personally travelled from VA to NJ and actually served this individual at the BEACH.

Now that is drive, determination, dedication, professionalism, and SUCCESS!

Eric Turnbaugh/Cavalier Courier & Process Service is the first person I call for out of state service, no matter what the location.
Deborah Wooten, Paralegal
Charleston, SC