Serve AOL

Cavalier regularly serves subpoenas and summonses on AOL, Inc. (a/k/a America Online) at their Virginia headquarters.

The address for service is:
22000 AOL Way
Dulles, VA 20166

If you need a subpoena or other legal document promptly served on AOL, please contact Cavalier today for correct, cost-effective service. Be sure that your subpoena is addressed to “AOL, Inc.” In our experience, if you address your subpoena to “America Online” or any name other than “AOL, Inc.” you will not get your records.

Please note: Sometimes the city is listed as “Sterling” as opposed to “Dulles.” Both addresses refer to the same place, and have the same ZIP code. “Sterling” and “Dulles” are alternative city names designated by the US Postal Service for ZIP code 20166.